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Ebro river

The Ebro River as a natural barrier has always been related to the construction of the Zafán Valley railway, currently a route converted into a Greenway. Once past Benifallet Station, it will be the travel companion on its last stretch to the Ebro Delta Natural Park. Before that, however, enjoy how the Canaletes River flows […]

Benifallet Station

The old Benifallet Station is the point and end of our recommended activity. Since some time ago, an interesting complex has been set up to enjoy the Greenway, which offers a bar and restaurant service; they even have rooms to sleep.

La Fontcalda

La Fontcalda is one of those privileged places where nature seems to have strived to offer the best of itself. Yes, La Fontcalda is a special space located between the municipal boundaries of Gandesa and Prat de Comte. In this unique place is built the church dedicated to the Virgin of La Fontcalda, and shared […]

Train-cafe Bot

Following the route down of Greenway, after the start in Horta de Sant Joan with spectacular views of the Ports Natural Park, we arrive at the old Station of Bot. Recently, a restored wagon has been placed at this point and transformed into a kind of train-cafeteria in Bot, where in addition to being a […]

Old station in Horta de Sant Joan

At the Old Station of Horta de Sant Joan (or Orta), this is where we start our recommended activity to enjoy the Greenway. Although the old station is in a state of ruin, its ample parking space is ideal to start from this point of the route. However, sooner or later, we recommend that you […]