Estació Horta de Sant Joan

At the Old Station of Horta de Sant Joan (or Orta), this is where we start our recommended activity to enjoy the Greenway. Although the old station is in a state of ruin, its ample parking space is ideal to start from this point of the route. However, sooner or later, we recommend that you get to know the town and its surroundings well. It preserves medieval streets and buildings of National Heritage of interest.

Inspirational refuge for Picasso

You can delve into the close relationship that the famous painter Pablo Picasso had with Horta de Sant Joan, in two long stays. The first of which, the painter himself claimed that he had learned everything he knew in “Horta de Ebro“; the mountains surrounding Horta are said to have inspired him to promote Cubism. The Picasso Center in Orta is a “must have” that you can’t miss to understand the Malaga painter’s relationship with the town.

Entrance door to the Ports Natural Park

In addition, Horta de Sant Joan, together with Arnes, are a good place to visit the Ports Natural Park. You can enjoy excellent hiking, canyoning, etc.

The Ventador jump, the Roques d’en Benet or the mountain of Santa Bàrbara are just some of the must-see natural areas.

So, Horta de Sant Joan is a good place to stay and get to know this great corner. A few kilometers away, leaving the town in the direction of Gandesa, the Greenway of the Zafán Valley crosses the road and just enter, on the right we will find the Old Station of Horta de Sant Joan. This will be the meeting point and start of the cycling activity in Greenway. Book one of our packs to complete the Greenway experience.

This article can be updated regularly, with recommendations for Horta de Sant Joan and its surroundings.