La Fontcalda Gandesa

La Fontcalda is one of those privileged places where nature seems to have strived to offer the best of itself. Yes, La Fontcalda is a special space located between the municipal boundaries of Gandesa and Prat de Comte. In this unique place is built the church dedicated to the Virgin of La Fontcalda, and shared by these two municipalities. It is labeled as Sanctuary – Spa, if you want to know more, keep reading.

Once you have passed the old and abandoned Prat de Comte station, when you come out of a tunnel on the right you will find the path to go down to this natural refuge. When you reach the bottom you will find the Canaletes River, a perfect place to swim in the summer, and have a walk to enjoy this place. You will discover a natural source that springs all year round at 28ºC. For this reason it is labeled as a spa. This place that has been conditioned in case you do not dare to swim in the river or it is not the time to swim. This source is known as “los Xorros” and is said to have miraculous and / or healthy properties.

La Fontcalda also has a bar and restaurant service, but be careful to check if it is open. Depending on who manages the service, it only opens specific days or seasons.

Corners to discover

Finally, we encourage you to discover from this place the “straits above” and the “straits below“, you will see how the river plays with the shapes in this valley that has excavated over the years. You will be able to capture beautiful images for memory.

Other places we encourage you to discover from this point is the fish tank, a quiet pool away from all contact. The corner of Mossèn Joan Baptista Manyà i Alcoverro. And also, it travels the two ways that go to Gandesa from the Fontcalda. On the one hand, the Vall de Navarro, where you will find a peculiar stone known as “the friar of the valley” and which hides a legend behind it. And, on the other hand, the coasts of the Fontcalda that offers privileged views to the valley and to the surroundings of the Terra Alta.

If you have a lot of time, we encourage you to escape to Gandesa and Prat de Comte.

Feel free to contact us in case you need more information, some of the corners we have described are hard to find. You can rent your bikes and consult all the activities we offer in packs.