Ebro river

The Ebro River as a natural barrier has always been related to the construction of the Zafán Valley railway, currently a route converted into a Greenway. Once past Benifallet Station, it will be the travel companion on its last stretch to the Ebro Delta Natural Park. Before that, however, enjoy how the Canaletes River flows into the Ebro River at this point.

While our recommended activity ends here, you can venture out to find out more, if you’re physically prepared.

Activities on the Ebro River

The activities and offer related to the river or near it, are endless, but if you allow us we will make a recommendation of some of them. From downhill kayaking, or other sports options, to quiet boat rides, the offer is wide, we encourage you to discover it.

On the other hand, the river Ebro passes through 3 of the 4 capitals (except Gandesa) of Terres de l’Ebre; in addition, from other municipalities. Then, it is a good way to discover these lands, where Tortosa rises as a regional capital, proud of its historical vestige that you can discover with a walk through its old town. The Renaissance festival is when the city dresses up to enjoy the best medieval atmosphere.

The Suspension Bridge of Amposta and l’Aldea, seems to be a majestic farewell monument to the river Ebro, which reaches its last kilometers of route to flow into the Mediterranean Sea.

Finally, the Delta de l’Ebre Natural Park is a must-see in Terres de l’Ebre. Knowing this nature reserve, its fauna and flora, and places such as the Fangar Lighthouse, Poble Nou del Delta, photographing flamingos, etc. will end up convincing you to visit these lands.

Do you already know these lands and have you done / visited these activities? Which others would you highlight? Let us know.

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